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Our goals are to promote an integrated solid waste management system that protects the environment and public health and safety by ensuring the proper handling of municipal solid waste.

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority is responsible for the long-term management of municipal waste in Monroe County. We incorporate an integrated solid waste management system that uses many different concepts in waste management. Waste reduction and minimization practices, waste reuse or remanufacturing, recycling, composting and ultimately proper disposal are some of the tools used to manage the municipal waste system.

You might know us by our blue recycling bin drop off centers that are around the county, but our primary responsibility is to develop, implement and enforce the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Plan that details our integrated solid waste system. We provide for 10 year disposal agreements to ensure the long-term disposal of the County’s municipal waste.

We operate multiple recycling drop off centers throughout the County to assist the municipalities with their recycling collection requirements. For the convenience of county residents these recycling drop off centers are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We also operate a regional recycling transfer station that accepts materials from other counties and waste recyclers from around the region. Our facility allows us to market recycling materials to processing facilities allowing the Authority to maximize revenue received from the sale of recycling commodities.

We provide county wide education and public information on our integrated solid waste system and the proper handling of municipal waste. We attend many different public events throughout the county, provide lectures to public groups, give tours and lectures to local boy and girl scouts, provide recycling programs to all county school districts and provide information daily to the general public.

Our Police Department was developed to protect the environment and the public health and safety from short to long term problems associated with the transportation, storage, processing and disposal of municipal waste by enforcing the Monroe County Municipal Waste Ordinance. We issue permits to waste haulers who provide the Authority with proof of updated state licenses, registration and insurance. These permits allow for the disposal of Monroe County municipal waste at the county designated facilities.

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