Earth Day Memorial Event


Earth Day Celebration Event:

Joseph W. Battisto Memorial Litter Cleanup

Borough of Mount Pocono, April 22, 2015: The Family and Friends of the Late Joseph W. Battisto, The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority’s Litter Committee on the Prevention, Control and Cleanup of Litter and the Borough of Mount Pocono have partnered to honor and memorialize the lifelong work of late Joseph W. Battisto. Joe served the public for many years as an Educator, Borough Councilman, Borough Mayor, State Representative, and environmental activist.

Joe, an original member and founder of the Litter Control and Road Beautification Board, spent his entire life protecting the environment and specifically fighting litter. Joe had many accomplishments in his career including passing legislation that created fines and penalties on individuals who littered. He also spent countless hours on creating litter education and prevention. Everywhere Joe went involved picking up someone else’s trash! Joe coined the phrase:

“There are two kinds of individuals in the world. Pickers and Litterers! Pickers never litter and Litterers never pick!”

Help us this Earth Day to remember and memorialize Joe Battisto. Please join us in making sure all roadways in the Borough of Mount Pocono are free of litter. We are requesting every property owner, including all businesses to pick up litter on your road. Volunteers are invited to meet at the Mount Pocono Borough Hall at 9:00 a.m. to pick litter on selected roadways.

Let Joe Battisto look down on the town he loved so much and see it litter free!!


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