Litter Program

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority has created a standing committee for the prevention, control and clean-up of litter in the County of Monroe

This new committee will be “picking up” the great work previously accomplished by the Litter Control and Beautification Board.

The Committee is made up of the representatives from the Pa Department of Transportation, the Monroe County Planning Commission, the Monroe County Conservation District, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, the Greater Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Representatives and residents of the county.

Funding and legal issues are the primary reasons that a change from a volunteer organization to a more structured organization was sought. It was felt by many that the Waste Authority would be best equipped to manage litter problems and work with the many volunteers who have dedicated many hours to the prevention, control and clean-up of litter throughout our county.

The Waste Authority with its management and operation experience, ability to receive grant funding and willingness to address municipal waste issues will prove to be the best fit. Although funding issues are still a concern we as a group will begin to tackle the important tasks needed to keep our roadways clear of litter. We will be calling on every municipality to help us with this very difficult task.

The Committee held its first official meeting on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at the offices of the Monroe County Conservation District. Representatives of our 20 municipalities were encouraged to attend.

Please call the Waste Authority at 570-643-6100 if you should have any questions or concerns. Your patience will be greatly appreciated while we reorganize our endeavors.


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