A letter from The Waste Authority’s Executive Director

To the public,

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority is preparing for the opening of its Public Drop-off Sites. As such we will be adhering to the requirements that have been established by the Public Health officials from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the CDC to protect the safety of the site users and the Waste Authority employees.

We are looking forward to reopening and are planning to do so safely. We will be implementing an online Site Registration Program that will enable the Waste Authority to communicate with our site users the strict mitigation practices that will be put into place to ensure the safety of everyone. We will have the ability to communicate with the site users on opening dates and times once we can ensure safety measures are put into place and when the Stay at Home Order is lifted by the Governor and our county enters the yellow stage. 

The site registration will provide you with a permit to enter the site and provide the operational requirements that will be expected when we are able to open. We want everyone to understand that the Waste Authority can only provide this service if we work together to keep the public and our employees safe.

If you are uncomfortable with the site registration policy or do not feel safe utilizing our site, please understand that you can arrange to have your Waste Hauler add recycling service to your trash collection. Our sites are a secondary option to the services provided by your waste hauler. Every municipality has an ordinance that requires property owners to have a waste hauler and requires every waste hauler to provide recycling service to property owners. This service can be added with a nominal fee.

NO ONE is required to use our drop-off sites and they are not designed to compete with the convenience of utilizing your waste hauler’s curbside collection service.

Thank you,

James Lambert

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