As the pandemic continues and some services are at a halt, Some are turning to Illegal Dumping and Burning

During these unprecedented times we should be coming together as a community and supporting one another. This Pub owner is now challenged with cleaning up someone else’s mess, spending hundreds in clean up costs, because illegal dumpers would rather risk being caught then pay for trash disposal. Is this how you want our businesses to look? Our officers are out investigating these illegal acts daily. If you witness illegal dumping, please contact the Waste Authority (570) 643-6100 or submit your complaint online on the Waste Authority website.

Citation Issued for Burning

The Waste Authority Police responded to a complaint where the property owner was illegally burning household trash, electronics,  furniture, mattresses and more. The owner, in this case, will be cited for the illegal disposal of trash. 

Not only is the burning of solid waste a violation of the Monroe County Municipal Waste management Ordinance, it has short and long term effects for you and your neighbors. It can potentially be fatal- Man dies of injuries from burning trash.

Our goal is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public along with the environment. If someone you know is burning anything other than brush, please contact your municipality, The Waste Authority Police, and/or your local Police Department. You can submit complaints to the Waste Authority online or call (570) 643-6100 ext. 227.  

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