Community Involvement

Here at the Waste Authority, we are always looking for more ways to get involved

From utilizing our event trailer, complete with a prize wheel and other goodies, to offering free composting classes to Monroe County resident, from local fairs to community clean ups, the Waste Authority is more than willing to go the distance for our county and its people. Likewise, our dedication to education is only getting stronger.

The Waste Authority works closely with Monroe County school districts by establishing proper waste management and recycling guidelines, by jump starting their recycling efforts, and by enlightening students about the ever-growing recycling industry and how their help is needed to continue the industry’s success.

The Waste Authority is open to suggestions that will get us more involved in our community!

What kind of events do we participate in?

  • Ecycles
  • The West End Fair
  • Township Community Days
  • Community Cleanups
  • Free composting classes
  • Earth Day Events
  • Onsite tours of our facility
  • & much more

For more info about our community involvement:

Call the Waste Authority

(570) 643 – 6100


Contact Lindsey Dedics

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