Green Holiday Tips- Recycle Your REAL Christmas Tree

Holiday Tips

Here are few tips to help minimize the extra waste generated throughout the Holiday Season

Recycle your wrapping paper and gift boxes. Wrapping paper, gift boxes, Christmas cards, white paper boxes and tissue paper are recyclable as long as it is not glittery or metallic. Bows and ribbon are NOT recyclable,  save them and reuse them next year.

Save money and reuse your gift bags and gift boxes. Encourage the recipient to reuse the gift bag and gift box. They always come in handy next year. 

When recycling cardboard boxes make sure you break down your boxes. Styrofoam, foam peanuts, plastic film and bubble wrap are NOT recyclable and should be tossed in the trash if you are unable to return them to a packaging retailer. Brown paper used for filler within boxes can be recycled with paper. 

Make sure recyclables are clean and contaminant free. Also make sure when recycling, you are depositing acceptable items only.  

Donate unwanted decorations, ornaments, china and dishware. They are not recyclable through The Waste Authority’s recycling program.

We encourage you to properly recycle using your waste hauler or either of our recycling drop off facilities. The Military Road Recycling Center and the DCNR Recycling Center are open Friday, Saturday and Monday 7:30-3:30. Currently, there is no cost to recycle.

If you would like more information on how to properly manage your waste and recyclables and other recycling programs offered to Monroe County residents, visit our website at or call (570) 643-6100. 

Recycle Your Real Christmas Tree

Avoid tossing your Christmas tree in the trash! Below is a list of municipalities participating in the Christmas tree recycling program. All trees require to be completely bare of decorations. If you do not see your township, contact them for instruction. 

Barrett Township– Maintenance Facility until Jan. 15th
Location: 194 Sand Springs Road
Phone: (570) 595-2602

Chestnuthill Township– Transfer Station and Recycling Center
Location: 3223 Hillcrest Drive in Effort 18330. 
Phone: (570) 992-7247

East Stroudsburg Borough– Curbside Pickup until Jan. 8th
Click Here for Schedule 

Hamilton Township– Stroud Township Recycling Center
Location: Gaunt Road 7:30-2:30.
Phone: (570) 992-7020

Jackson Township– Daylight hours drop off
Location: Reeders Run Road at Ball Field Court 

Mt. Pocono Borough– Curbside Pickup January 13th

Paradise Township– Municipal Building
Location: 5912 Paradise Valley Road
Cresco, PA 18326
Monday-Friday From 7am to 3pm

Polk Township– Wednesday & Saturday Drop off
Location: 165 Polk Township Road

Smithfield Township– Municipal Center
Location: 1155 Red Fox Rd.
East Stroudsburg, Pa 18301
Monday-Friday from 8am to 4:30pm
(Dec. 28th-Feb. 28th only)

Middle Smithfield Township– Oak Grove Multi-Municipal Compost Facility
Location: 3305 Oak Grove Dr.
East Stroudsburg, Pa 18302
Monday-Saturday from 7am to 2pm

Also, available to Smithfield Township residents.

Stroud Borough– Weekly Curbside Pickup through January

Stroud Township– Trees accepted through Jan. 29, 2021
Township Maintenance Yard- 134 Guant Rd. 
Township Building’s Rear Lot- N. 5th Street
Poplar Valley Fire Station- Poplar Valley Rd. 
Pinebrook Park South Parking Lot

Below is a list with examples of how to separate the items.

It is important to recycle properly. Turn this year’s Christmas wrapping,  Christmas cards and gift boxes into next year’s supply.

Mixed Paper – wrapping paper, gift boxes, Christmas cards and white paper boxes
Cardboard (Corrugated) – corrugated boxes only-no pizza boxes
Plastic – Numbers 1 & 2 only- no black colored plastics
Mixed Glass – Food & beverage bottles only – All Colors
Aluminum, steel and metal cans

Remember it is extremely important to recycle properly. Make sure your rinse the acceptable items so you don’t contaminate the material.

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