Litter Program

The Waste Authority sponsors and participates in many programs dedicated to keeping our community beautiful and free of litter.

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Keep Northeastern PA Beautiful

The Waste Authority is a proud sponsor of the Keep Northeastern Pennsylvania Beautiful campaign. “Keep Northeastern Pennsylvania Beautiful” (KNEPA) covers six Northeastern PA counties including Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, and Wyoming. With the guidance of our Advisory Committee, we will implement any of a variety of Keep America Beautiful (KAB) programs including recycling education, special event recycling, cigarette litter prevention, graffiti removal, litter clean ups, and community beautification and community greening. The primary focus of KNEPA is to create clean, beautiful public places, reduce waste and increase recycling, generate positive impact on local economies, and inspire our volunteers and the local community to be environmental steward.

Litter Committee

Members of the Litter Committee at at community cleanup

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority has created a standing committee made to prevent, control, and clean up litter in all of Monroe County. This committee will be “picking up” the great work previously accomplished by the Litter Control and Beautification Board. The Committee is made up of the representatives from the PA Department of Transportation, the Monroe County Planning Commission, the Monroe County Conservation District, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, the Greater Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Representatives, and residents of the county. Members reconvene about twice a year.

Community Service Programs

Litter diminishes the aesthetics of our environment and is a countywide problem in Monroe County. For this reason, we minimize litter issues by utilizing our police enforcement division. The Waste Authority works with the local District Magistrates office and offers community service programs to eligible participants. These participants take part in local litter pickups. The process of deciding which areas to clean starts with input from township municipalities, residents, and other members of our community. On a daily basis, the Waste Authority receives complaints for roadside littler and illegal dumpsites. These areas, which are in desperate need of care, could then be chosen to be the site of our next cleanup.

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