Keep Monroe County Beautiful: Live without Litter

Don’t flick your butts!

Being the “last acceptable form of plastic littering”, cigarette filters make up 30% of all litter. Teaming up with Keep America Beautiful, Monroe County’s Municipal Waste Management Authority is raising awareness on litter; Specifically, cigarette butts. Our message focuses on how a cigarette filter flicked to the side of the road or littered on the sidewalk makes its way to our local waterways. Smokers have the power to create a cleaner community! By using proper means of disposing your cigarette litter, you are saving Monroe County’s waterways from toxic pollutants!

Pictures provided by Brodhead Watershed Association

So, cigarette filters are made of plastic… that means they can be recycled!

We are sweeping Monroe County of cigarette butts! Take a look at where our ash trays are and the closest waterway they help keep clean. All cigarette filters will be recycled!

Cigarette butts collected near Monroe County waterways since June 2020:



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