Pocono Community Caring Company

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Authority along with the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, Pocono Mountains United Way and Street2Feet are proud to announce the Pocono Community Caring Company (Pocono 3C).

Beginning June 17th, 2019, The Pocono 3C will be helping to clean up along Routes 80 and 380, as well as, the surrounding areas with assistance from clients from Street2Feet. The Waste Authority specifically will be providing transportation to and from each location, as well as, supervising employees by using a Waste Authority Police Officer.

The Pocono 3C is in combination with The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau’s “Pick Up the Poconos” initiative. This organization is focusing on giving back to the local community in many ways. And is also supported by the Pocono Mountains United Way.

Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau

Pocono Mountains United Way


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