Police Enforcement

The primary duty of the Waste Authority Police Department is to ensure the proper handling of municipal waste in order to protect and preserve not only the environment but also public safety.

Our Police Department was established as an enforcement agency to facilitate the Waste Authority with some of its most demanding tasks. The department is committed to doing everything in their power to protect the environment while simultaneously ensuring the safety and welfare of the general public from not only short term but long term problems associated with transportation, storage, processing, and disposal of municipal waste.

As a member of the community, you are the department’s most important asset. We ask citizens to report suspicious behavior and provide us with leads about people who have broken the law by unlawfully dumping or storing garbage or waste where it does not belong.

The moment you see such activity, please report it to us as soon as possible! We sincerely appreciate your help.

Report a County Litter Issue

Please take immediate action. DO NOT let it get to this level.

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Coolbaugh Township
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