WNEP reports Pocono 3C: Fresh start to get back on their feet

From WNEP: A program in the Poconos has been helping people get back on their feet in many ways. In this special report, see how a cleanup program is giving people a fresh start.

Pocono Community Caring Company (Pocono 3C) was created on June 17, 2019. The Waste Authority, The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, and Street2Feet created Pocono 3C to help their neighbors while also helping the environment. Their main goal is to help those who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, and those who have difficulty finding work due to lack of I.D., address, bank account, etc. They work three days a week cleaning up litter along Routes 80 and 380 in Monroe County. In return, they receive money, experience, and references for their resume.

The Waste Authority provides transportation to and from each work location and supervises the employees by using a Waste Authority Police Officer. The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau funds the program and publicizes all the amazing work they do. Street2Feet chooses the employees, provides the case work, and becomes the employee’s direct employer.

Since Pocono 3C began, they have picked up litter three days a week for a total of 15 months. To date, they have cleaned 293 miles in Monroe County, and they have collected 455 tires and 6,481 bags of litter!

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