Recycling Center Hours

DCNR- 2174 Route 611 Swiftwater – Operating hours Monday, Friday and Saturday 7:30-3:30

Military Road- 1114 Military Road off of Shaffer Schoolhouse Road- Operating hours Monday, Friday and Saturday 7:30-3:30

Blakeslee Office-183 Commercial Blvd. Blakeslee- Electronics (Monroe County Residents only, proof of residency is required), Tires (cost), Light bulbs (cost), Scrap metal (free) Operating hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00

Hours are subject to change due to weather and Authority approved holidays

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority

Our goals are to promote an integrated solid waste management system that conserves resources and protects public health, safety, and welfare by ensuring the proper handling of municipal solid waste.

The Waste Authority is responsible for the county’s long-term management of municipal waste. Day to day, we incorporate an integrated solid waste management system by evaluating local needs and conditions to optimize our efficiency. Through this practice, we prioritize waste reduction, waste reuse or re-manufacturing, recycling, composting, and proper disposal.

You might only know us by our blue recycling bins, but we are much more than that. The Waste Authority operates a self-sustained recycling facility. Our primary responsibility is to develop, implement, and enforce a system that most effectively ensures the well-being of our community while also protecting the environment. Beyond such duties, we also issue permits to waste haulers. These permits allow for the disposal of Monroe County municipal waste at the county designated facilities.

A vital part of the Authority is our police department. Our officers are committed to protecting not only the environment but also the health and safety of the public. Whether it is short term or long term problems associated with the transportation, storage, processing, and disposal of municipal waste, the department enforces the Monroe County Municipal Waste Ordinance in a practical yet dynamic approach.

To accommodate our region, we operate multiple recycling drop-off centers throughout the county to assist the municipalities with their recycling collection requirements. For the convenience of county residents, these drop-off centers are open either 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or have set hours of operation throughout the entire week. We also operate a regional recycling transfer station that accepts materials from other counties and waste recyclers. Our facility gives us the opportunity to market your recycled materials to processing facilities, which in turn allows the Authority to maximize revenue received from such sales.

We are more than happy to offer county-wide educational programs to all age groups about the proper handling of municipal waste and about our integrated solid waste system. All year long we attend and host a variety of public events to provide the general public with valuable information. From composting classes to onsite tours for local boy and girl scout troops, our mission is to educate the county about the work we do here at the Authority as well as the ways in which we can use your help.


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