The Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA), Act 108 of 2010, bans ALL covered devices from being disposed of in Pennsylvania landfills.  Desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, televisions, and any components of such devices that are undamaged and remain intact are required to be properly recycled. NO person may dispose of a covered device or any of its components with their municipal solid waste. These devices and their components must be properly recycled and may not be taken to, nor accepted by landfills for disposal.

The Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority implemented a residential Electronic Recycling Program for Monroe County, Pennsylvania residents to bring their unwanted, undamaged and intact electronics to our Blakeslee Facility for proper disposal during business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4pm.  This Electronic Recycling Program is for Monroe County, Pennsylvania residents ONLY and proof of residency is required at time of disposal.  There is NO CHARGE or appointment necessary.

Accepted Items

Computer Devices (i.e. desktop computers, laptop computers & server computers)
Monitors & Televisions (i.e. CRT/LCD/LED/Plasma/Flat Screen)
PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept any monitors or televisions that are externally broken and/or dismantled into pieces.
Networking Devices (i.e. servers, routers, switches, hubs & arrays)
Printing Devices (i.e. desktop printers, desktop copiers & desktop scanners)
Power Supplies (i.e. power supplies, UPS systems – uninterrupted power supplies & battery backups)

Computer Peripherals – all items used in the function of these devices (i.e. keyboards, mice, speakers & pointing devices)
Component Cables & Wiring used in the function of these devices (i.e. computer cables, computer wires & computer power cords)

Computer Hardware – all parts that are, or once were, part of these devices (i.e. circuit boards, hard drives, RAM, processors, optical/floppy drives, etc.)

Unacceptable Items

Audio/Video Devices (i.e. CD/DVD/VHS/Blue-Ray, MP3, projectors, stereos, video game consoles, speakers, receivers (audio, cable, and satellite), recorders & converter boxes)
Communication Devices (i.e. PDA’s, telephones, pagers, fax machines & answering machines)
Home appliances (i.e. lamps, microwaves, coffee makers, mixers, blenders, hair dryers, surge protectors and other small household appliances)
Telecommunication Devices (i.e. radios, telecom equipment, etc.)
Lab/Test/Measurement Devices (i.e. meters, oscilloscopes, analyzers, testers, etc.)
(see our battery disposal program for more information)
Fire alarms
Gas-powered equipment
Lawn equipment
Copiers, duplicators, plotters, etc.

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