About The Waste Authority Police Department

The primary duty of the Police Department is to ensure the proper handling of municipal waste to protect and preserve the environment and community. The department is required to enforce any violation related to the transportation, storage, processing, and disposal of municipal waste.

For our police department to do their job effectively, we need your assistance. We ask citizens to report suspicious behavior if you think you have witnessed the improper handling of municipal waste, illegal dumping, and/or littering. Please report any improper activity by capturing any identifiable evidence that may be needed for the officers’ investigation. Examples of evidence include, but are not limited to, license plates, photo evidence, dates, times, etc.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in keeping Monroe County clean and beautiful!

Rules & Regulations

The Waste Authority’s Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Ordinance

County Ordinances

Laws of Pennsylvania (Act 101 of 1988)

Laws of Pennsylvania

Questions? Email our police department!

Chief Jacqueline Bagu

Sergeant Daniel Tichy

Officer Anthony Cruz

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